Introduction of bank debit interest

In this article, I intend to present the causes and impact of the introduction of the bank negative interest rates the commercial banks (hereinafter the banks) announced for households in 2021.

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Klemen Mlakar

Superos is powered by a new and different vision to approaching financial solutions. We believe in innovative approaches to centuries-old challenges, keenly aware of the importance of and the problems related to capital preservation and enrichment. We believe that the concept 0 to 1 is the only way to alleviate the uncertainty surrounding financial markets in the 21st century.


Klemen Mlakar

In his varied career Klemen has led and successfully managed assets of big investors. He is an expert in setting strategies, designing risk processes, and leading companies to financial stability. Klemen has seen numerous complex restructurings to successful ends, and led some of the most important merger projects in the region.


Boštjan Klinec

Combining specialist knowledge and experience, brilliantly capable individuals and indomitable team spirit, a modern approach and established practice, combining advanced technology and reliable systems, simple solutions and complex algorithms, conservatism and daring, and empowering desires to become reality. This is our reality and vision, this is the 0 to 1 philosophy, this is the Superos Group.


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